Just Paul is a young brand from Warsaw, Poland. It was born out of passion for an active lifestyle and fashion. Crafted from high quality fabric and characterized by unobtrusive elegancy, lightness and nonchalance, our pieces create the perfect casual, yet feminine silhouette.

Our highly elastic production system and instant reaction to quickly changing trends and seasons is what sets us apart from others. Just Paul does not just produce two closed collections during one year, but continuously releases new pieces throughout the entire season. The use of short product lines is what gives us our unique character.

Our brand satisfies the needs of the modern woman - one that appreciates value and comfort in her everyday life while staying true to her feminine side. We target strong, confident and conscious of their beauty women. For those who like to seduce and allure. We know how to create a woman’s confidence and let her feel both sexy and effortless in any situation.

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