Smarties Gusset Skirt

Made in Warsaw


MINI is enough!

Despite the fact that the weather outside the windows is not pampering and the days are getting colder, we do not give up feminine styling. With the upcoming season, we have prepared a new mini skirt model for you: made of gussets, perfectly looking worn on the hips! The skirt is made of thicker fabric to perfectly emphasize the form, but also to be worn with thicker tights and heavier shoes, which does not exclude high-heeled shoes with which the Gusset Skirt will look amazing!
Fiber composition: 55% acrylic, 25% polyester, 10% viscose, 10% cotton.


Length- 31 cm
Width- 33 cm
Length- 35 cm
Width- 34 cm

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  • 55% akryl 25% poliester 10% wiskoza 10% bawełna
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