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Bless The Beige Ego Sweatshirt

Made in Warsaw


Sweatshirt With Office Vibes!

Our new sweatshirt is a combination of style and comfort. Made of high-quality materials, it looks great both at business meetings and in more casual situations. The oversized cut looks great on the figure, and the subtle neckline adds a unique touch. The cream shade is a perfect complement to your closet, while allowing you to express your individual style. It’s not just a sweatshirt – it’s an expression of modern design and an enduring style for those who are looking for something more than a typical sports look. Composition: 80% viscose, 16% polyester, 4% elastane.

Size XS/S:
Overall length- 61 cm
Width- 73 cm
Size M/L:
Overall length- 63 cm
Width- 78 cm

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