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Checked Please Vanza Jacket

Made in Warsaw


In Class We Trust!

Discover the perfect balance between elegance and freedom of movement in our new jacket. Made from a distinctive fabric, it perfectly combines modern design with functionality. The nonchalant cut perfectly suits a variety of silhouettes. Vanza is the perfect addition to both sporty and casual outfits. Get a new quality in your closet, combining elegance with the energy of an active lifestyle. The model is 172 cm and size XS/S. Fiber composition: 64% polyester, 33% viscose, 3% spandex.

Size XS/S:
Overall length- 70 cm
Sleeve length- 60 cm
Width in back- 41 cm
Width in the bust- 47 cm
Size M/L:
Overall length- cm
Sleeve length- cm
Width in back- cm
Width in the bust- cm

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  • 64% polyester 33% viscose 3% spandex
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