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Cupro Black Demi Skirt

Made in Warsaw


Make It Short!

We like to surprise you, not only with models, but also with cuts. That’s why we have prepared something dazzling for you! Mini skirt made of beautifully shimmering material. Its geometric cut means that it can be worn with the simplest basics and sneakers, as well as in the evening version with shirts, sweaters and heels. The multitude of applications is something we value very highly, so don’t be afraid to shine with us! Model 172 cm and size XS/S. Fiber composition: 53% viscose, 47% lyocell.

Size XS/S:
Total length – 47 cm
Width – 29 cm
Size M/L:
Total length – 47 cm
Width – 33 cm

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  • 53% viscose 47% lyocell
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