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Date Will Wait Freya Dress

Made in Warsaw


Expect the unexpected in asymmetric version!

Informal and casual, but also spectacular, those are the traits we love the most, we also used them to create Freya Dress. Mini length, shirtdress cut with waist belt, plus fantastic sequins are the basic components of our dress. By adding subtle, but long sleeves we have created the perfect whole. If you are looking for something simple but extraordinary, at the same time, Freya is just for you! The model is 172 cm and wearing size S. Fiber composition: 100% polyester.

Size XS:
Length- 81 cm
Waist width- 32 cm
Breast width- 44 cm
Sleeve- 60 cm
Size S:
Length- 83 cm
Waist width- 33 cm
Breast width- 45 cm
Sleeve- 60 cm
Size M:
Length- 85 cm
Waist width- 33 cm
Breast width- 47 cm
Sleeve- 61 cm
Size L:
Length- 86 cm
Waist width- 34 cm
Breast width- 48 cm
Sleeve- 61 cm


L, M, S, XS

  • 95% polyester 5% elastane

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