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Denim Blue Blake Dress

Made in Warsaw

649.00 194.70

Najniższa cena w okresie 30 dni: 194.70.

No Stress, Get This Dress!

We love all our models, but the Blake dress has exceeded our wildest expectations. It is incredibly comfortable, simple, and extremely fashionable. Its cut resembles a shirt, so it will fit any type of figure and for all types of beauty. It has been diversified with a strap to slightly emphasize the waist, but you can also adjust the length of Blake with it. Fantastic material will work even on the warmest days. Combine it with a hat and sandals and create unusual styles! The model is 172 cm tall and wearing size XS/S. Fiber composition: 100% cotton.

Size XS/S:
Overall length – 125 cm
The width at the bust – 58 cm
The width of the back – 44 cm
Sleeve length – 43 cm
Size M/L:
Overall length – 126 cm
The width at the bust – 59 cm
The width at the back – 46 cm
Sleeve length – 43 cm

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  • 100% cotton
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