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Golden Lines Millie Shorts

Made in Warsaw

399.00 119.70

Najniższa cena w okresie 30 dni: 119.70.

So Short, Yet So Maxi!

One of our newest proposals is a complete surprise! Elegant sheets with flared legs are a proposal for women looking for unusual solutions. The cut of the pants beautifully emphasizes the length of the legs and the waist. Our proposal has belt loops, also various types of stripes will be a great variety of styling. Shorts can be combined with a jacket, shirt, but also with various types of footwear, from heels, through boots, to boots. The pants are made of high-quality material in beautiful, autumn shades. The model is 172 cm and wearing size XS/S. Fiber composition: 50% polyester, 45% cotton, 5% lurex.

Size XS/S:
Length – 36 cm
Waist width – 36 cm

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  • 50% polyester 45% cotton 5% lurex

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