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Master White Copacabana Dress

Made in Warsaw

609.00 182.70

Najniższa cena w okresie 30 dni: 304.50.

Here she comes again! The Copacabana Dress!

Our flagship model: we have no words to describe
this dress! Lace-up neckline, hight quality material,
and numerous frills, these are only the basics. It is
the perfect dress not only for vacation, but with
classic accessories and high hills, Copacabana will
be your favorite evening gown. The model is 172 cm
and wearing size S. Fiber composition: 100% viscose.


Length- 82 cm
Breast width- 47 cm
Back width- 37 cm
Length- 85 cm
Breast width- 50 cm
Back width- 40 cm
Length- 90 cm
Breast width- 50 cm
Back width- 40 cm
Length- 90 cm
Breast width- 53 cm
Back width- 42 cm


L, M, S, XS

  • 100% viscose
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