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New Wave Sweatpants (Kopiuj) (Kopiuj)

Made in Warsaw

300.00 90.00

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Most comfy of them all!

Our new line is a collection of super stylish and extremely comfortable basic fabrics made of the highest quality cotton. Individual elements of #jpcomfy can be put together in a uniform color or create interesting color combinations by choosing between: gray, navy blue, blue melange, olive, coral and black. The #jpcomfy models have been designed in such a way that you can create an urban, casual, youth or more sporty look. Regardless of the chosen styling, the wearing comfort will always be the same: on the highest level!

Classic, tapered tracksuits are something that each of us loves, but not everyone has found a perfect fit for their figure. That is why we have decided to meet your needs and designed tracksuits that look great on every figure. Very soft and super comfortable that will be with you for any occasion! Fiber composition: 94% cotton, 6% ellastane.


Length- 95 cm
Width- 32 cm
Length- 97 cm
Width- 34 cm
Length- 103 cm
Width- 36 cm

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L, M, S

  • 94% cotton 6% spandex
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