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Sand Castle Buttoned-Up Sweater

Made in Warsaw

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One Size

May The Warmth Be With You!

Inconspicuous in appearance, irreplaceable after some time! This is our box cardigan. Fastened with buttons, with long sleeves, it is extremely pleasant and enveloping thanks to the use of the softest material. Our sweater will be a fantastic complement to your stylizations, and thanks to its compact cut, it will even fit under a fitted coat, so that it can always be with you! The model is 172 cm and wears size XS/S.


Total length – 60 cm cm
Width – 56 cm
Sleeve length – 45 cm


One Size

  • 55% baby alpaca 35% polyamide 10% merino

In stock

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One Size

  • 55% baby alpaca 35% polyamide 10% merino
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