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Tarnished Gold V-Neck Sweater

Made in Warsaw

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One Size

We love to please you, so in response to numerous requests, a classic, oversized V-Neck sweater is back!

A deep V-neck with long sleeves is a classic and an essential element of every stylish woman’s wardrobe. A light shade of grey combined with a soft fabrics, these are its additional advantages. The sweater can be worn with both trousers and skirts. It is made of the highest quality, warm material that will keep you cozy on cooler days. Stay warm, stay cozy, stay with Just Paul!
Fiber composition: 50% baby alpaca, 22% wool, 28% polyamide.

Length- 63 cm
Width- 61 cm
Sleeve- 45 cm


One Size

  • 50% baby alpaca 22% wool 28% polyamide

In stock

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One Size

  • 50% baby alpaca 22% wool 28% polyamide
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