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Violet Vision Cora Skirt

Made in Warsaw


Modern Skirt is here!

The new season always results in your favorite offers! This time we are proud to present the exceptionally original Cora skirt. It was made of many layers of airy material to impress with its lightness and beautiful shape during movement. The skirt sewn in the “overlap” style looks phenomenal tied at the waist. An additional advantage of Cora is its binding, which can be released or tied in a bow. The skirt will be a great choice for both day and evening stylizations! The model is 172 cm and wears size S. Fiber composition: 99% viscose, 1% lurex.

Size XS:
Total length – 86 cm
Waist width – 31 cm
Size S:
Total length – 86 cm
Waist width – 33 cm
Size M:
Total length – 86 cm
Waist width – 36 cm
size L:
Total length – 86 cm
Waist width – 38 cm

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L, M, S, XS

  • 99% viscose 1% lurex
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