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Why Not Dot Ren Jumpsuit

Made in Warsaw


Meet New Piece!

If you love the avant-garde and at the same time appreciate unique cuts, the Ren jumpsuit is a perfect proposition. The combination of a spectacular cut, airy material and lightness are the basic advantages of the creation. Another of them is a deep neckline, wide sleeves and legs. But that’s not all, an additional advantage is the rubber that beautifully emphasizes the waist. The model is 172 cm and wears size XS/S. Fiber composition: 100% viscose.

Width – 15 cm
Total length – 218 cm
Size XS/S:
Total length – 82 cm
Depth of the neckline – 39 cm
Waist – 35 cm
Size M/L:
Total length – 88 cm
Depth of the neckline – 39 cm
Waist – 36 cm

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  • 100% viscose
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