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Green Day Macy Skirt

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Most comfy of them all!
Our new line is a collection of super stylish and extremely comfortable basics made of the highest quality cotton. Individual #jpcomfy elements can be combined with each other
in a single color or create interesting color combinations by choosing between: gray, royal navy blue, gray and navy blue melange, olive, coral and black. #jpcomfy models have been designed in such a way that you can create an urban, casual, youthful or more sporty look. Regardless of the styling you choose, the comfort of wearing will always be the same:
on the highest level!
It can be sewn in the "overlap" style
worn both at the waist and hips, thanks to the delicate elastic sewn into the waist of the skirt. Bonus point Macy
it has a tie that can be let go, gently tied, or tied in a bow.
Size S:
Total length - 45 cm
Width - 40 cm
Size M:
Total length - 50 cm
Width - 40 cm
Size L:
Total length - 55 cm
Width - 40 cm

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